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A bit about me

At the age of 8 I did my first bicycle race. At 15 I joined my first cycling club and started racing at 16. I stopped competitive cycling at the age of 20 and moved to Ireland. It took me some time and a change of location to get back on the bike. I've done alleycats, mini dromes, tunnel sprints, roller racing, hill climbs and whatever else there was available at the time. In 2012 I raced my first fixed gear criterium and only then I started thinking of getting back to racing for real. In 2013 I found Herne Hill velodrome in South London, so I spent most of my spare time there that year. Later I switched to cyclocross, before racing road crits. I still do a bit of everything. Since then I've upgraded my racing to a national Cat 2 level and have raced across Europe.


Dimitri Demishev

Personal info

Dimitri Demishev

Fixed gear, road, track. It's all about cycling.

Website: www.dthr33.com
E-mail: d3@nltcbmbc.com


Know more about my past


  • 2016

    Red Hook Crit - London
    qualified 66th, finished 73rd
    Fixed Gear 42 - Berlin
    Dutch Crit Series - Amsterdam
    Dutch Crit Series - The Hague
    Lee Valley Summer Crits - London
    Thundertrack - London

    Thundercrit - London
    Derny Fest - London
    Minet Crit - London
    Nocturne Fixed Crit - London
    Nocturne Cycle Hire Race - London
    Dave Creasy Memorial Six 2016 - Support Races - Win-Out Race
    Red Hook Milan


  • 2015

    Red Hook Crit - Milan

    Red Hook Crit - Barcelona

    Red Hook Crit - London

    Fixed 42 - Berlin
    Essex Roads Spring Road Race - Essex
    Derny Fest - London
    Condor Cycles 3 day - London
    11th / 9th / 6th
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  • 2014

    . .

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  • 2013

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  • 2014-NOW

    N L T C B M B C

    NLTCBMBC is a cycle club based in North London. Racing track, road, fixed gear crits and cyclocross, we also run events and social rides. A demonic addiction to pizza and black metal keeps us motivated, and we enjoy a post-race beer as much as a good result.

Skills & Things about me

Number of tattoos
years of experience
Number of bikes
Road / Fixed Gear


My latest projects

4 Feb 2017

DRS - I Will ft Patife & Vangeliez

15 Dec 2016


15 Nov 2016

Garmin Vivosmart HR review

For quite sometime I've wanted to know how active or inactive I was through the day and keep a record of it in the same way I record all my bike rides, except for all "other" activities, like walking to the shops, to the kitchen to put the kettle on etc - it all adds up at the end of the day. I had looked around at the wearable technology which has been expanding quite rapidly over the last few years, yet nothing seemed to be quite right for me.
I did like the look of the Garmin Vivofit when they first came out, but I decided I'd wait for technology to advance a little until they had built in a heart rate monitor, which is an excellent way to monitor exactly how hard/easy your work out was, or how deep/light your sleep was.

Garmin Vivosmart HR ticked all the boxes. It will measure your heart rate throughout the day, while you're active or sleeping and will upload all the results to your phone via bluetooth. Results can be reviewed in the app or browser. On top of that, when listening to music you can pause, rewind or skip a track that is playing on your phone. You can get notifications about incoming calls, texts, emails and whatever else you want to see. See a weather forecast. Set an alarm. Find your phone if you forgot where you left it. All from a flick of your wrist.

I've had Vivosmart HR for a few months now. Normally when the phone vibrates in your pocket, you'd have to get it out and see whats causing it. With just a glance at your wrist you can tell if it's something that needs your immediate attention or if its something that can wait. In the mornings it will vibrate on your wrist and sound an alarm to make sure you wake up. The battery life is about a week and it needs a very specific cable to charge via USB. It's good to set the screen to auto lock itself, so you can't accidentally start playing music on your phone while in the shower, or fiddling with your sleeve. The fit is pretty good, comfortable and generally looks good. I now wear the watch all the time and only take it off when it needs charging.The screen is always on and can be set to show whatever you want - time, heart rate, music controls etc.

Top 10 things, that I like about my Garmin Vivosmart HR

  • controls music
  • measures your heart rate whilst sleeping or being active
  • wakes me up (sound+vibration)
  • email, text, messages notifications for quick review
  • long battery life
  • weather forecast
  • goals 
  • able to find my phone
  • sleeping data statistics
  • waterproof


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