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A bit about me

At the age of 8 I did my first bicycle race. At 15 I joined my first cycling club and started racing at 16. I stopped competitive cycling at the age of 20 and moved to Ireland. It took me some time and a change of location to get back on the bike. I've done alleycats, mini dromes, tunnel sprints, roller racing, hill climbs and whatever else there was available at the time. In 2012 I raced my first fixed gear criterium and only then I started thinking of getting back to racing for real. In 2013 I found Herne Hill velodrome in South London, so I spent most of my spare time there that year. Later I switched to cyclocross, before racing road crits. I still do a bit of everything. Since then I've upgraded my racing to a national Cat 2 level and have raced across Europe.


Dimitri Demishev

Personal info

Dimitri Demishev

Fixed gear, road, track. It's all about cycling.

Website: www.dthr33.com
E-mail: d3@nltcbmbc.com


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  • 2016

    Red Hook Crit - London
    qualified 66th, finished 73rd
    Fixed Gear 42 - Berlin
    Dutch Crit Series - Amsterdam
    Dutch Crit Series - The Hague
    Lee Valley Summer Crits - London
    Thundertrack - London

    Thundercrit - London
    Derny Fest - London
    Minet Crit - London
    Nocturne Fixed Crit - London
    Nocturne Cycle Hire Race - London

    The year is not over yet.

  • 2015

    Red Hook Crit - Milan

    Red Hook Crit - Barcelona

    Red Hook Crit - London

    Fixed 42 - Berlin
    Essex Roads Spring Road Race - Essex
    Derny Fest - London
    Condor Cycles 3 day - London
    11th / 9th / 6th
    . .

    coming soon..

  • 2014

    . .

    coming soon...

  • 2013

    . .

    coming soon...

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  • Club


    NLTCBMBC is a cycle club based in North London. Racing track, road, fixed gear crits and cyclocross, we also run events and social rides. A demonic addiction to pizza and black metal keeps us motivated, and we enjoy a post-race beer as much as a good result.

  • Coaching

    TAWAF Cycling Academy

    Sports development institute offering a range of cycling coaching, training and advocacy programs. Realize your potential.


My latest posts

12 Sep 2016

Brick Lane Take Away Tray Review

For quite some time I wanted to have a front rack. Not on myself, of course, but on my bike. Before, all the ones I liked were too expensive or they were looking like scaffolding. One day I stumbled upon this basket when looking around for one. I liked the way it looked, the size and the price. After buying it from BLB, I came home and installed it in about 20 minutes, it was pretty easy. I asked in the shop for a bolt to attach the basket to the front of my forks, it's an easier task if you run a front brake. Other than that there was everything you needed in the bag to install the basket in one go, even a bungee cord. The steering of my bike was a bit different, especially once you put some weight in the basket, like a d-lock, but the basket didn't make any rattling noises. I've had this basket for about a month now and it has served me well. If I could add some features, then it would be better d-lock and bungee cord management and maybe optional bag, that would fit inside the basket. Not having to carry anything on my shoulders and always having a place where you can put a d-lock, jacket, beers, shopping, papers or whatnot is really good. Although the rack is not the best place for your beers, if you're planning to drink them soon after you arrive to your destination. You would have to secure every heavy objects quite tightly, otherwise you'll see it bouncing off and jumping out. I haven't used my backpack since I had the rack and I feel smug about it.

You can buy the basket here.

13 Jul 2016

NOTHING NEW #001/ Ben UFO - 'Never Went to Blue Note'

1. DJ Die - Live and Direct (Full Cycle)
2. Innervisions - Digital Readout (Reinforced)
3. Studio Pressure - The Physical (Photek)
4. Hidden Agenda - Dispatches #1 (Metalheadz)
5. Plasmic Life - Death Trip (Brain Recordings)
6. Ed Rush and Nico - Technology [Boymerang remix] (No U Turn)
7. Doc Scott - Drumz '95 (Metalheadz)
8. Lemon D - Manhatten Melody (Conqueror)
9. Danny Breaks - Conscience (Droppin' Science)
10. Hokusai - Black Rose (Source Direct)
11. Dom & Roland - Mechanics (31 Records)
12. Kym Mazelle - Missing You [Dillinja remix] (White)
13. Digital & Spirit - Mission Accomplished (Razors Edge)
14. Desired State - Here and Now (RAM)
15. DJ Hype & Ganja Max - Pum Pum Mus Smoke Ganja (Ganja)
16. Jonny L - Tychonic Cycle (XL)
17. Optical - Moving 808s (Prototype)
18. Klute - Leo 9 (Certificate 18)


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