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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

At the age of 8 I did my first bicycle race. At 15 I joined my first cycling club and started racing at 16. I stopped competitive cycling at the age of 20 and moved to Ireland. It took me some time and a change of location to get back on the bike. I've done alleycats, mini dromes, tunnel sprints, roller racing, hill climbs and whatever else there was available at the time. In 2012 I raced my first fixed gear criterium and only then I started thinking of getting back to racing for real. In 2013 I found Herne Hill velodrome in South London, so I spent most of my spare time there that year. Later I switched to cyclocross, before racing road crits. I still do a bit of everything. Since then I've upgraded my racing to a national Cat 2 level and have raced across Europe.


Dimitri Demishev

Personal info

Dimitri Demishev

Fixed gear, road, track. It's all about cycling.

Website: www.dthr33.com
E-mail: d3@nltcbmbc.com


Know more about my past


  • 2016

    Red Hook Crit - London
    qualified 66th, finished 73rd
    Fixed Gear 42 - Berlin
    Dutch Crit Series - Amsterdam
    Dutch Crit Series - The Hague
    Lee Valley Summer Crits - London
    Thundertrack - London

    Thundercrit - London
    Derny Fest - London
    Minet Crit - London
    Nocturne Fixed Crit - London
    Nocturne Cycle Hire Race - London
    Dave Creasy Memorial Six 2016 - Support Races - Win-Out Race
    Red Hook Milan


  • 2015

    Red Hook Crit - Milan

    Red Hook Crit - Barcelona

    Red Hook Crit - London

    Fixed 42 - Berlin
    Essex Roads Spring Road Race - Essex
    Derny Fest - London
    Condor Cycles 3 day - London
    11th / 9th / 6th
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  • 2014

    . .

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  • 2013

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  • 2014-NOW

    N L T C B M B C

    NLTCBMBC is a cycle club based in North London. Racing track, road, fixed gear crits and cyclocross, we also run events and social rides. A demonic addiction to pizza and black metal keeps us motivated, and we enjoy a post-race beer as much as a good result.

Skills & Things about me

Number of tattoos
years of experience
Number of bikes
Road / Fixed Gear


My latest projects

16 Aug 2017

Slav Squat Session

≣ Tracklist:
Edmondson - Flamingo Tripper
Akasha System - Mineral Jam
Outboxx Ft. Naomi Jeremy - Rumours (Andrés Remix)
D'Arabia - Pajama Girl
Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion (Cody Currie Edit)
Demuja - I Want You
JLMT - 100% fruité
John Gibbs And U.S. Steel Orchestra - Trinidad
Bobby Analog - When Will Our Day Come
Harrison BDP - Decompression
Unknown Artist - Oye Coma Va (K&F Edit)
Folamour - Alerte à Babylone
Kllo - Walls To Build (Mall Grab Remix)
Leon Vynehall - Goodthing
Niles Cooper - U Told Me
DJ Swagger - Glock & Gualla
Sportsmen - Keep This Secret
LUZ1E - U Kno How I'm Feelin'
Harrison BDP - Confusion Of Sound
Low Tape - Untitled 17

17 Apr 2017

Giro Factor Techlace shoes

I have been lucky enough to change my cycling shoes every year for the last few years. This year I received a pair of brand spanking new shiny Giro Factor Techlace, thanks to my team NLTCBMBC. Before that I had been wearing SiDi Ergo 2 and Shimano R321. I was really happy with all of these shoes - SiDi had amazing adjustable heel support, Shimano had the best arch support. I wasn't sure if Giro could outdo the previous shoes. The first thing that struck me was the minimal aesthetic with laces, which felt different to everything else out there. The combination of laces with velcro straps which wrap over the bridge of your foot really nicely, and if that's not enough the Boa closure tightens everything within 1mm increments so you can get exactly where you want it to be. The carbon fibre Easton EC90 outsole is as stiff as a board and will get all of your power transferred to where it needs to be. The removable inner sole has three different arch support inserts included with the shoes, I went for the red one (the biggest one). However I couldn't get my SPD-SL cleats into the position I wanted them to be, they are pushed all the way forward and the heel support is not as good as it was on SiDi's. However, overall the look and style, the feel and lightness of the shoes is out there and I'm really happy with them.

14 Apr 2017

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

For a few years I've been using Garmin HRM3-SS and HRM2-SS for measuring my heart rate. It's good to know how hard you're working, by monitoring and recording your HR whilst training. Both of the HR straps at some point in their life decided that they had enough and were producing unrealistic figures. It's not a very easy task to replace the battery, as you have to very carefully undo 4 tiny bolts at the back of the HR unit trying not to round it off, then put it all back. Even after that the data was all wrong and the figures were all over the place. After seeing that happen twice I decided to get something different this time.

After seeing a good looking HR strap on the market from a relatively new company called Wahoo I decided to give it a go, considering all hard facts. The Wahoo TICKR HR monitor has both Ant+ and Bluetooth connections, it's very easy to change the battery (all you need is a coin), the strap is easy to attach that snaps into place on both ends of the unit. It has two flashing lights red and blue, where red flashes each time heartbeat is detected and blue will show the connection status and that will last for around 30 seconds. I'm very much impressed with my purchase and really happy that I made the switch from Garmin. I really hope that this HR monitor will stand the test of time. I will update this when I have had more experience with this thing. The cheapest place to buy it, that I've found online was on Amazon, you can find the link bellow. Would recommend getting some replacement batteries with your purchase.



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