Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive CO2 Inflator

After losing my mini pump (Fabric Nanobar), which I had carried around in my pocket for the last three years but only used a few times, I needed to find a replacement. Since I knew I wouldn't be using it frequently, but I wanted to get back on the road quickly when I did, I decided to try a CO2 inflator. However, I was hesitant to get the same type I had used before, as it had the drawback of using up the entire canister in one go, leaving no room for error or alternative means of inflation. So, I sought out an inflator that offered better control over the air flow and could be reused for multiple inflations.

It wasn't long before I encountered a puncture while riding my road bike equipped with tubeless tires. I immediately heard the telltale hissing sound from my rear tire and realized that the sealant wouldn't be able to fix the hole entirely. Initially, I panicked and thought I would need to call for backup or a pickup, but then I remembered that I had recently purchased the Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive CO2 inflator. I quickly stopped, attached the inflator to the valve, and released a small burst of air to locate the puncture. There it was, the sealant hissing out. Without wasting any time, I inserted one of the Dynaplug repair plugs into the tire and inflated it to around 80psi. I hopped back on the bike and completed the remaining 60km of my ride home. The entire process took me approximately five minutes.

I had another opportunity to use the inflator a few weeks later when the plug I had previously inserted into the tire popped out. Once again, I was able to fix the issue in about five minutes or possibly even less than the first time. When I returned home, I decided to check if there was any compressed air left in the canister, and to my surprise, there was still air coming out. On average, I was able to inflate the tire 2-3 times with a single canister. I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive CO2 inflator and plan to continue using it in the foreseeable future.

Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet

For road cyclists who value a helmet that offers a winning combination of safety, comfort, and practicality, the Trek Velocis MIPS Road Bike Helmet is a solid choice. This helmet caters to the needs of road cycling enthusiasts, providing a reliable and enjoyable experience without unnecessary frills.

One of the standout features of the Trek Velocis MIPS Helmet is its lightweight design. Crafted with carbon, it sheds unnecessary weight, allowing you to focus on your ride without feeling burdened. This lightweight nature not only contributes to comfort but also reduces fatigue during longer rides, helping you stay energized and focused on the road ahead.

In terms of safety, the carbon construction of the Trek Velocis MIPS Helmet provides an added layer of reassurance. Carbon is known for its ability to absorb and distribute impact forces effectively, which is crucial in the event of a crash. While we all hope to avoid accidents, it's comforting to know that this helmet is built to protect your head if the unexpected occurs.

In addition to its practicality, the Trek Velocis MIPS Helmet boasts a clean and stylish design. It's not about trying to mimic the appearance of professional riders but rather about sporting a helmet that looks good and fits well. The sleek and modern aesthetics of this helmet are sure to turn heads without compromising on functionality.

Ventilation is a key consideration for road cyclists, and the Trek Velocis MIPS Helmet delivers on this front. Its ventilation system is designed to keep your head cool and comfortable during rides, ensuring efficient airflow and preventing overheating. This feature is particularly appreciated during intense rides or in hot weather conditions, allowing you to stay focused on the road without distraction.

When it comes to fit, the Trek Velocis MIPS Helmet offers an adjustable retention system that ensures a secure and comfortable fit for various head shapes. This feature allows you to fine-tune the helmet to your liking, providing stability and minimizing any unwanted movement while you ride. The result is a helmet that stays in place and doesn't distract from your cycling experience.

To sum it up, the Trek Velocis MIPS Road Bike Helmet is a reliable companion for road cyclists seeking a helmet that combines lightweight design, safety, style, and comfort. Its carbon construction, understated design, efficient ventilation, and customizable fit make it a practical choice for riders who want to focus on the road while enjoying a safe and comfortable ride. Trust the Trek Velocis MIPS Helmet to provide the essential features you need without unnecessary fanfare.

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